Joe Wood Construction & Roofing has been building custom homes in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas since 2004. When you get ready to take the plunge into building your dream home, give us a call for a FREE consultation. We use all top quality materials in our homes as energy efficient as you can afford. We would love to visit with you about taking the right steps to get your home started and anything else we can do to help. We typically can complete most new homes in 4-6 months – saving you thousands of dollars in interest/bank fees. We offer several references upon request.

5 Steps to Start a Home

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Maximum efficiency in a home can save you a fortune in utility bills over several years. Some of these things we do to reduce those costs are:
• Totally encapsulating in foam insulation to make your home completely air tight.
• Vinyl windows with high performance IoE glass and argon.
• Tankless water heater(s). Propane or natural gas.
• Energy star rated HVAC system. Generally gas heat, 16 S.E.E.R
• A/C and 95% gas furnaces with variable speed blower.
• Solar powered home.

In doing those things you can easily have a 2000-3000 sf home with an electric bill averaging $100-150/month!!! Or nearly ZERO with solar power!!!